Chairman Message

Purpose behind the establishment of Baba Education Trust is to expose the talent from the poor and medium section of society. Marketing of education is become popular. A great amount of money is suppored to need for his/her technical education this why the students (talents) from poor & weaker section of society are not facilated and their aspirations are crushed. They could not service the society & nation through their skills. Only for this Baba Education Trust has taken a step forward to work in the field of education of the talents of this section.

The motive of Baba Education Trust is to work in each & every field or education. So, that scholars from the lower section of society could not feel any inferiority complex and they could achive any thing they aspire, And could service the nation with true heart.

Anubis Degree College is established in this order. Our effort is to provide a fully furnished & well equipped campus where every scholar could fulfill his/her dreams through deciplined behavior. Any how exclusiveness of Degree College is targeted. And so We need your help & inspiration.

Mr. Devendra Singh

( Chairman )

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