Principal Message

In the words of Swami Viveka Nand “Education is manifestation of perfection already present in man.” Higher Education is a field of higher thinking. It Stands for the enrichment of knowledge. In our tradition - ज्ञानं परमम् बलं - it means that knowledge is supreme power. Our Anubis Degree College is dedicated for this purpose successfully. Anubis Means the God of knowledge. Anubis family – The management, the staff and the students is engaged to establish the Institution as a centre of excellence in the field of various branches of knowledge with value oriented education. Our main focus is to provide quality education and to give importance to character building. It is our duty to discuss over the challenges and problems emerging before the society

We believe in high thinking and simple living and hope our students will inculcate education this value in his life. For the success of life hard-working in the only solution and advise to practice it for sure success.

I wish for a bright future to all.

Dr. Nageshwar Prasad

( D.Lit, Ph.D. )

( Principal )

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